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Gerard van Reekum jr. | De Plaatijzerindustrie B.V.

De Plaatijzerindustrie, founded in 1920, is specialised in the design and manufacturing of vessels, towers, columns and industrial apparatus for refineries and chemical plants.

Our activities are mainly concentrated on equipment ranging from medium sized to heavy vessels and industrial apparatus with unit weights ranging up to 200 tons shipping weight in one piece and lengths of 60 meters or even more.

Plate thickness and diameter limitations are 150 mm and 6500 mm respectively.

Besides custom-built equipment for the petrochemical industry, we have a wide experience in the production of pressure vessels for oil- and natural gas process systems, both onshore and offshore to withstand design pressures up to 800 bar

In our workshops we process all types of alloyed and unalloyed steels, finegrain steel and steel grades having a high impact strength at low temperatures as well as high-strength steel, duplex (1.4462), clad steel and HIC-resistant steel.

Further we have experience in overlay welding including Submerged Arc and Electroslag Welding with strip.

Foto van Gerard van Reekum jr.

Gerard van Reekum jr.


De Plaatijzerindustrie B.V. Postbus 46 7300 AA Apeldoorn
Telefoon werk: +31 55 5333717 Mobiel: +31 651166455 Website: www.plaatijzerindustrie.com